How to create a WeChat Official Account/Public Account?

Provide belowe information and send them to

1. Email aacount for log in;
2. Passwords that you would like to set;
3. WeChat Official Account Name;
4. Introduce/description(your can change later at anytime);
5. Your country and city;

Here is an example email for applying for an WeChat Official Account.
-------------------------Example Email--------------------------------
Dear WeChat account manager:

I am eager to create a WeChat Official Account for my company,
so that to build up effective communication with my customers.
Here are my information for the Official Account, please help, thank you!

1. Email aacount for log in:
2. Passwords that I would like to set: Pass-Word-123
3. WeChat Official Account Name: Excellent Cooking Tutorial;
4. Introduce/description: Teach People how to cook different food;
5. Your country and city: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

Best Regards,

-------------------------Example Email--------------------------------

i u follow the step and send an email to but no reply . you can send your details to,

I hope can help....
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