Sunday, March 31, 2013

Install Camfrog Server 6.1 Linux in CentOS With webpanel for room

step 1 : log in to your server Putty or any program supports SSH

>> Download Putty

step 2 : Command : wget

step 3 : Command : rpm -i get.php?type=fsl --nodeps

step 4: now you wanna use WinSCP

>> Download WinSCP

go to /etc/camfrogserver.d

now you have to edit cf_server.conf and put under SSL_certificate_param=

web_interface_enabled=on << this for make web control work web_server_port=5999 << port for web control
Note : you can change port with any number you wont

Than save and close Step 5 : Download this file >>> Room_name

Extract it and log in to room_name folder

Open and Edit cf_room.conf using Notepad Or Wordpad

logon_name=House_club < your room name
logon_password=123445 < your room password
serial=0000-0000-00000000 < your room procode
remote_access_login=Admin < user for webpanel you can change it with any thing you wont
remote_access_password=12344 < pass for webpanel you can change it with any thing you wont
add_owner_password=12 < password owner for your room you can change it with any thing you wont
talk_time_limit=0 < time mic talk 0 for unlimited

Than save and close

Now Rename room_name folder to your room name

Now upload your room folder to your server Using WinSCP
Step 6 : Now go to SSH and give this orders

Command : service camfrogserver start

Command : /etc/init.d/camfrogserver add room_name

change "room_name" with your room name

Command : /etc/init.d/camfrogserver start room_name

change "room_name" with your room name

Now the Room become Online

Step 7 : for open the Webpanel and Control the room

open https://yourServerIP:5999

Note :

Its https not just http

Put your Login and password and Enjoy Control your room