Sunday, March 31, 2013

Install Camfrog Advanced Server 5.0 Rooms in CentOS linux OS

Explain Install Camfrog server Rooms in Linux CentOS Operating System

step 1 : log in to your server Putty or any program supports SSH

>> Download Putty

step 2 : Command : wget

step 3 : Command : rpm -i get.php?type=fasl --nodeps

step 4 : Command : cd /etc/camfrogserver.d

step 5 : Command : nano cf_server.conf

step 6 : After opening the cf_server.conf file..... we will paste a text inside it

# Enable remote access protocol. You can control your server using Windows-base$
# Username/password for remote console access (full server management)

you can change your control login and password any thing you need
then close file and save the change Ctrl + x

step 7 : Command : service camfrogserver start

step 8 : Now download Camfrog Advanced Server to your PC, and Install it

step 9 : Open Camfrog Advanced Server > Server Options > Change Server

Connect to your Server and Done :)